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"Qeneh is a brand i've been loyal since November 2019 and i love their products. Their Italian grown flower is beautiful.... I'm also a huge fan of Qeneh broad-spectrum carts. The OG kush is my top choice for its versatility..."

"Qeneh CBD Vape pen has been a fantastic source of CBD for the past few days. Consistently effective and beneficial."

"Qeneh are doing the most in supplying the tastiest CBD bud out with top customer service!"


The most common way to use CBD is orally in the form of a CBD oil or CBD gummy. CBD creams CBD vape pens are also popular.

The effects of CBD are subtle. It’s non-psychoactive, which means CBD won’t make you high — however, it can give you a mild “fuzzy” sensation.

The relaxing effects of CBD can make you feel as though you’re floating or hovering. Your body may feel lighter or heavier, and your mind feels loose and relaxed.

The higher the dose of CBD, the stronger these effects are — but even very high doses (over 100 mg) won’t produce strong enough effects to make you high.

Some people describe the effects of CBD as producing an autopilot sensation. It feels like your body is reacting automatically without much conscious thought. While this is happening, you remain perfectly in-control, and your mental state remains clear.


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