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Can CBD cause liver damage?
Liver damage is one of the the best fears that individuals have when using new supplements and medicines, and CBD isn't any exception. If you concentrate the employment of CBD for pain management, sleep or the other purpose, you'll likely have questions.
Does CBD affect liver enzymes? Studies have found that CBD inhibits a number of the liver enzymes necessary for the metabolization of drugs. Such information is of particular interest to people with the liver illness who would really like to use CBD.
An honest case in point is people that use cannabis oil for liver cancer-related symptoms.
A study conducted in mice has shed some light on the link between CBD and the liver.

What study says
Scientists from the University of Arkansas conducted a study on mice. The stated objective of this study was to contribute towards building a body of research on hepatotoxicity associated with CBD and its derivatives. They scaled the dosage they gave to the rats, so it was like 200mg per kg per day of CBD in humans. They found that the livers of subject mice showed an increased level of toxicity and damage after observation. Their observation was that the livers of those mice swelled and sustained damage.
In publication of the research findings, these scientists acknowledge that the dosage they employed in the study was considerably over the dosage one would use under normal circumstances.

What experts say
Does CBD cause liver damage? This can be a question experts have had to grapple with over time.
Many experts hold that there's no cause for alarm. One of the explanations people mustn't shun CBD based on the above findings is that the dosage given to mice is higher than that of an individual using CBD for therapeutic purposes.
They also suggest that taking large amounts of CBD doesn't necessarily mean that you just will enjoy its benefits.
This suggests that it's not necessary, under any circumstances, to require the amounts of CBD that will cause liver damage, as was the case with the mice. It is a relief that the recommended dosage in humans is way smaller than what was employed in mice within the study.

CBD dosage and liver function
CBD dosage remains an uncharted area even as it edges its way into the mainstream of the health and wellness industry.
The Food and Drug Administration hasn't put measures to control the products you get in the market. Therefore, there's every possibility that the potency indicated on the label isn't an accurate representation of what's within the bottle.
Although genetically humans and mice are quite similar, there are considerable differences in physiology between the two. What this is most likely to mean is that CBD doesn’t cause as much liver damage in humans as it was found to make in mice. This conclusion is bolstered by the fact that no liver damage has been recorded in CBD users even once they use the CBD's highest recommended dosage. The studies continue and we will soon know the connection between CBD and kidney function and the function of other organs.

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