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Humans aren't the only ones who seem to gravitate towards the marijuana plant. Turns out, even bees love the buzz, but for a rather different reason. A new study by researchers at Cornell University published in the journal of Environmental Entomology finds that bees are super interested to the cannabis plants because they cannot get enough of its sweet pollen. This study supports the results of an identical one conducted by Colorado University last year and opens up options for scientists to avoid wasting the depleting bee population around the world.

The study found that the taller the cannabis plants are and also the larger area they cover, the more bees will flock to it farm, with taller plants attracting 17 times more buzz than the shorter ones. What’s even cooler is that there are 16 different varieties of the marijuana plant that support these bee populations.
But as bees seem to like the cannabis plant, they can’t actually get high off it since insects aren’t known to possess any cannabinoid receptors.

These findings are kinda confusing once you consider that cannabis neither has a nectary taste not colours that generally catch the attention of bees. However, the bees are more into the male plants that typically grow along the flowering female ones that produce the bud you set into your bongs, but don't have any psychoactive properties. This study is very crucial given  that bees are accountable for the cross-pollination of flowers that furthers the expansion of the fruits and vegetables we'd like for survival. Except, thanks to pesticides, habit destruction and global climate change, the bees seem to be buzzing off, something that the marijuana plant could help put a stop to since they also don’t generally use too many pesticides, nor require an excessive amount of water for his or her growth.


But what’s even better about these canna-bees is that they bring with them immense industrial potential. Israeli cannabis technology company PhytoPharma International developed a natural cannabinoid-dosed honey that allows bees to fuse THC and CBD into their honey by an IP-protected pollination process. Now if that’s not worth the buzz, we don’t know what is.

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