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Cannabis and psychosis, an old story
The association between Cannabis and psychosis is as old as its history.
In 1982, a study of the interactions between THC and CBD in healthy volunteers provided the primary evidence that CBD has antipsychotic properties.
Additionally to alleviating anxiety, CBD reduced the psychotic symptoms commonly induced by THC.

First researches
CBD use has been related to a decrease in symptoms of psychosis and changes in brain activity during verbal memory tasks in patients at high risk of psychosis.
For the first time, the brains of individuals with the diagnosis of psychosis who have taken CBD are scanned, providing important insight into which areas of the brain CBD targets.
The study also showed that activity within the striatum and therefore the activity in hippocampus was more co-ordinated in people with psychosis, indicating there was a greater functional connectivity between these two areas during this group compared to controls.
After one dose of CBD this functional connectivity was reduced in people with psychosis and have become more the same as that seen within the controls. Those people with psychosis continued on their existing antipsychotic treatment throughout the study.

What are the results?
The results indicate that CBD includes a moderating effect on the altered pattern of brain with psychosis.
The study also showed that psychotic symptoms did show a decreasing trend after the dose of CBD but researchers highlighted that no definitive conclusions may be drawn about this effect, because the study failed to have a look at sustained use of CBD and therefore the sample size was small.

Second step, CBD tests on different animals
The early observation that CBD reduced THC-induced psychotic symptoms led us to hold out a pioneering study to check the consequences of CBD in an exceedingly model commonly accustomed identify drugs with an antipsychotic profile in laboratory animals.
A series of other tests with different animal models confirmed and expanded the antipsychotic profile of CBD.

CBD and schizophrenia
The third step was to judge the results of CBD during a patient with schizophrenia. The patient was a chronically psychotic woman with many adverse effects from traditional antipsychotics, which provided the moral justification for this first test. After 4weeks of treatment, the patient had a marked reduction in her psychotic symptoms as assessed by standardized rating scales. This published case report stimulated the undertaking of randomized controlled clinical trials.

Research on the results of CBD has been undertaken for several other neuropsychiatric conditions, including its potential use in epilepsy, PTSD, depression, dystonia, and Huntington disorder still as diseases that involve other organs and systems like inflammation, immunologic response, ischemia, diabetes, cancer, and plenty of others.
The only CBD formulation approved by the FDA is Epidiolex® (GW Pharmaceuticals) to treat rare kinds of epilepsy in children and adolescents and isn't currently available to be used in schizophrenia. Although there are controlled good laboratory and manufacturing practices and purified synthetic analogs for CBD exist, further safety and efficacy studies are needed.

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