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Qeneh was born from the love and passion for this Sacred plant.

We grow our plants in Italy, exactly in Apulia, where favorable weather conditions guarantee optimal growth.

In our crops, no chemical pesticides are used but only organic and natural substances.

We control the entire working process, from seed to trimming, paying attention to every detail to guarantee our customers only top quality products in compliance with current laws.

Our mission is to promote the knowledge and use of this plant with various benefits in order to improve the daily lives of our customers and the surrounding environment.


Cannabis and around

Lately, cannabis is the protagonist of scientific research for the treatment of various pathologies; several states are legalizing it and large pharmaceutical companies are beginning to take an interest in the phenomenon.

But hemp is not just MEDICINE and it is not just a substance used at the SPRITUAL or RECREATIONAL level: it is a 360* RESOURCE that goes perfectly with the principles of CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

The hemp can be used in all its parts, for example FOOD, the seeds and oil considered nutraceutical products; it can become excellent quality paper; it is an excellent material for BIO-Building; can give life to different types of biodegradable BIOPLASTIC; can become GREEN FUEL that could replace petroleum; can be used for phytoremediation of land and can be used to reduce air pollution.


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